Personal protection systems can never be comfortable enough to use

With protection comes some inconvenience

As a healthcare professional, you want to protect your patient and yourself against hospital aquired infections. But protection comes with barriers which feel inconvenient at times. In the operating room, you have to stay sharp and focussed – sometimes for hours.

You need to stay sharp, but CO makes you tired

Every breath into the mask increases the CO2 level inside the helmet when the used air is not led away. This CO2 level may result in health impairments if this exceeds the value stated by international health organisations, a maximum 5,000 ppm. If the used air is extracted following the generation of excess pressure inside the helmet, this causes a leakage of the contaminated air out of any potential opening in the surgical gown, even if invisible to the naked eye. The paper entitled “Increased Intraoperative Contamination with Space Suit Use – A Mechanism”, presented at AAOS 2013, showed that the used, contaminated air leaks through the gloves and therefore comes into direct contact with the operating area.

Our protection systems solve all these issues

Our system based on using two silent fans is the only one of its kind in the world and considerably reduces CO2 level inside the helmet, far below the level which may result in health impairments. With the conscious control of used air we ensure that this air does not leave our system unfiltered through openings in the surgical gown and contaminate the surrounding area; instead passing through the material on top of the protective hood and therefore filtered. The button-controlled speed levels of the fans ensure that the required amount of air is available at any time.