ViVi® System

Vivi is a medical device and an infection protection system. It protects the patient and the surgeon against contamination.

You protect while being protected

Our mission is to be the first choice for healthcare professionals who want more protection while maintaining their personal effectiveness in the operating room

We made it to be comfortable

In a situation where you have to stay sharp and focused, a protective barrier can easily become inconvenient to wear.
The Vivi System is designed to make this barrier hardly noticeable

Cool and Comfortable

Wearing a full-body suit can cause hot and humid waste air to get trapped in your suit. To keep your body cool, ViVi’s patented two-fan system pushes waste air through a filter out of the suit and away from your patient, making room for fresh air.

A high-performance air intake eliminates the internal recirculation of waste air. Breath 100% fresh and filtered air. Stay focused and be effective!

The system provides not only high airflow for cooling but also exceptionally high air exchange rates inside your suit. This ensures that you do not breathe in your own waste air!

Gesture Control

Nod your head to adjust the fan speed. Keep your hands on the patient! ViVi® uses motion-sensing technology to recognize gestures.

Activity Sensing

The more you move, the hotter it gets. Not anymore! ViVi® uses activity sensing to automatically adjust the fan speed to your level of physical activity.

/ lightweight

There is nothing like carbon fiber (CFRP). A mere 370g (0.82 lb) is the new benchmark for a surgical helmet. You might not even notice that there is something on your head.

/ cool & comfortable

The patented 2-fan system helps to remove filtered waste air from the suit, directing it away from the patient. A high-performance air intake eliminates the internal recirculation of waste air.

/ perfect balance

Nothing pulls on your neck, the virtual center of mass is inside your head.

NEW 2021

Visual Acuity is essential

The light is vital for an accurate and consistent patient assessment during surgery, no more shade with ViVi®.

Designed for excellent performance

The high-power light maximizes performance and comfort while enhancing patient care delivery.

Ideal for every kind of surgery

The ergonomically adjustable light gives you excellent visual access, even in the most demanding surgeries, such as MIS.

/Clear Vision

The over the eye positioning of the light allows you to have free access to your visual field, better shade lighting, perfect eye axiality, and depth of field.

/Highly energy efficient

ViVi's LED light provides the best illuminance performance with the lowest battery consumption

ViVi® System Components

Helmet, battery, and charger are the non-sterile hardware of the system, hood and toga are sterile, single-use gowns that are designed for a perfect fit.

The ViVi® Helmet

Technical Specifications


370 g (0.81 lb)

airflow (max)

310 lt/min (10.9 cfm)


2 (variable airflow)

battery life

max. 7 hours

fan control

automatic + gesture

input voltage

12.4 - 16.4 V (DC)

ingress protection



332x222x336 mm

head size

50-69 cm (19.5 - 27.2 in)

The ViVi® helmet sets a new standard on many levels. Its carbon fiber reinforced frame provides for a resilient, incredibly light structure at 370g (0.82 lb). A large field of vision, hands-free gesture control, activity sensing make ViVi® the most innovative solution currently available.

The ViVi® High Power Light Helmet

Technical Specifications


400 g (0.88 lb)

airflow (max)

310 lt/min (10.9 cfm)


2 (various speeds)

battery life

max. 4 hours

fan control

automatic + gesture

input voltage

12.4 - 16.4 V (DC)

ingress protection



332x222x336 mm


50-69 cm (19.5 - 27.2 in)

LED light intensity

> 100.000 Lux

THI is leading innovation again with its new ViVi HPL Helmet, the most powerful Surgical Headlight Helmet on the market – LED light intensity, more than 100.000 Lux.
The wide range of motion of the light and lower energy consumption makes this helmet even more comfortable for healthcare professionals.

The ViVi® Rack

ViVi® Rack holds your ViVi®, ensures the longevity, performance, and safety of the helmet. The Rack is applicable to all kinds of walls thanks to its adhesive side. The frame is perfectly designed and customed for quick and easy movement.

ViVi® High Filtration Hood

Breathable protection against body fluids and high viral barrier. New self donning patented shape for higher sterility. In compliance with AMMI Level 4 and EN 13795 requirements.

ViVi® Hood

A one-size-fits-all, single-use, sterile, breathable viral barrier designed to meet AAMI Level 4 and EN 13795 requirements.

ViVi® zippered Toga

The sterile, single-use full bodysuit is available in 3 sizes. AAMI Level 4 and EN 13795 'high performance' breathable viral barrier.

ViVi® White Battery system

Small and lightweight Li-Ion battery pack with 43.6 Wh capacity. The charger holds four battery units.

ViVi® Black battery system

New battery system with 49.87 Wh capacity. It charges faster, lasts longer, is equipped with a led display of charging state and ending battery acoustic alarm.

ViVi® Soft Pads

Replacement set of pads, extra soft and thick memory foam for higher comfort, hygiene, heat, and moisture management.


ViVi® Helmet


Vivi® HPL Headlight Helmet


ViVi® Hood (20 per case)


Vivi® Hood HFD


ViVi® Toga XL-XXL (20 per case)


ViVi® Toga M-L (20 per case)


ViVi® Toga XXS-S (20 per case)


Battery Pack White


Battery Pack Black


Battery Holster black


Battery Charger white 4-bay


Battery Charger Black 1-bay


Power Cable EU for 60501


Power Cable UK for 60501


Power Cable AU for 60501


Power Cable US for 60501


Vivi® Soft Pads ( 1 set )


Vivi® Helmet Rack