Sometimes special protection is a necessity

As a healthcare professional, you want to protect your patient and yourself against hospital acquired infections.

We made it to be comfortable

In a situation where you have to stay sharp and focused, a protective barrier can easily become inconvenient to wear. The ViVi® System is designed to make this barrier hardly noticeable.

You protect while being protected

Our mission is to be the first choice for surgeons and their teams who want more protection while maintaining their personal effectiveness in the operating room.

Cool and Comfortable

Wearing a full body suit can cause hot and humid waste air to get trapped in your suit. To keep your body cool, ViVi’s patented two-fan system pushes waste air through a filter out of the suit and away from your patient, making room for fresh air.

A high performance air intake eliminates internal re-circulation of waste air. Breath 100% fresh and filtered air. Stay focused and be effective!

The system provides not only high air flow for cooling, but also exceptionally high air exchange rates inside your suit. This ensures that you do not breath in your own waste air!

Gesture Control

Nod your head to adjust the fan speed. Keep your hands at the patient! ViVi® uses motion sensing technology to recognize gestures.

Activity Sensing

The more you move, the hotter it gets. Not anymore! ViVi® uses activity sensing to automatically adjust fan speed to your level of physical activity.

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There is nothing like carbon fiber (CFRP). A mere 370g (0.82 lb) is the new benchmark for a surgical helmet. You might not even notice that there is something on your head.

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Imagine having a walk in the woods, a slight breeze blows through the leaves. That's the level of noise you will experience inside the ViVi® helmet.

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/perfect balance

Nothing pulls on your neck, the virtual center of mass is inside your head.

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A large field of vision is everything. The ViVi® helmet provides for a 190 degree distraction free view.