Marketing material we are going to prepare

See here a list of items we are preparing at the moment and adding one by one to this internal area.

Item Description
Animation/Clip > Airflow How does the air travel?
Animation/Clip > Gesture Control How does gesture control work?
Animation/Clip > Motion Sensing How does motion sensing work?
Clip > Dophing, Donning How fast can gowns put on and off?
Clip > GoPro Real OP situation filmed with action cam in helmet
Clip > The Story How ViVi became a thing
iPad App App for offline presentation of clips, slides, calc.
Brandable Digital Presentations Powerpoint/PDF Presentations, editable
Consumeables Calculator A simple form where you can select some values and you get an cost estimation
Demonstration Helmet A physical version of the helmet.
Giveaway Something to leave with your client
Incentives for Sales People A motivational gift for sales reps hitting a certain goal. Like an iPad..
Leaflets, Flyer An A4 sized flyer for each product.
Open (editable) Brochures, Flyers Indesign files for localized versions
SPS Flyer, Promo Material Additional material for the steri shield
Studies showing effectiveness Double blind study to back the claims of the helmet.
Vivi Brochure Printed version of the brochure.
Distrubutor Login, Intranet A section on the website where you can download all the stuff. Photos, Presentations, Videos, Logos..